Male grooming – it’s dental health care, too

Male grooming is big business. In fact, according to an article on at the beginning of the year, ‘2015 is the year male grooming takes centre stage’. No longer the preserve of women, grooming products are increasingly becoming a … Continued

Are you www.wise about your dental health?

The world has shrunk with the internet boom – and all the technology that comes with it – enabling people in far-flung corners of the globe to now connect instantly. As this trend continues, so smartphones grow ever smarter with a … Continued

National No Smoking Day

When you’re ready to quit, whether it’s No Smoking Day or any other day of the year, you can find all the tools and support you need at I am not going to tell you off for smoking, there are plenty of healthcare … Continued

Are you going on a trip?

I am travelling to Switzerland tomorrow for the Ivoclar Vivadent Train Trainer Programme. Whilst I am excited, I did also think about the unexpected dental issues than can crop up whilst away. When you booked your last trip you probably didn’t … Continued

Dental Care over the Festive Period

 It’s that time of year, when the sweets and chocolates are out in force. It may sound like a bore, but don’t forget to practice good dental care over the festive period, however you choose to celebrate. The festive holidays … Continued

First Time? Some Simple Dos and Don’ts

Visiting a Dental Hygienist for the first time, or a Dental Therapist, for the first time in a while, can be nerve-wracking for many of us. Here are some simple suggestions to make sure you have the best possible dentistry … Continued