Kids’ Prevention

With two young daughters of my own, alongside extensive clinical experience, I understand just how important it is that children have a good experience with dental health professionals. Long-term oral health begins in childhood, and making sure children have a positive time with dentistry is so important in helping them keep their teeth and gums healthy right into adulthood.

Building relationships and reassuring children that dental appointments really don’t need to be scary is the foundation of what I do. I support both children and parents to develop knowledge, understanding and an achievable homecare routine – all preventative tools to help avoid the need for dental treatment.

I provide fissure sealants and fluoride treatments when it will be beneficial to the child’s teeth and, at each appointment, I perform a plaque disclosing check and a polish. Sometimes, treatment is necessary and my job is to make sure it is a comfortable, positive and even fun experience that doesn’t cause pain or stress to the child.

I understand the importance of helping children become familiar with a new environment, which is why I offer appointments for children as young as three, and encourage all children to visit regularly from the age of five onwards. Young patients are given an oral health passport to collect stickers and stamps and measure their success.

Overall, it’s all about providing an experience that leaves a positive impression, sets children up for good habits and health, and is designed to avoid them developing any reason to fear the dentist.

If you’d like to talk about your child’s needs, or set up a familiarisation visit to the surgery, or even just find out a bit more about how I can help, please contact me, I’m a Dental Hygienist for children in NW8 and AL6.